America (Caribbean Sea)

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua is a twin island-nation in the Caribbean Sea 
with the total area of 440
Capital: Saint John's
Population: 81,800

Interesting front with CN15 cancellation with Barbuda postmark dated 12 Jan 2007.

Interesting back with few process dates. Sent out in 23/11/2007,
 and received back probably at the end of January 2007.
Travel distance between Singapore - Saint John's : 17,446 km

America (South)


Argentina is located in South America, and is the eight largest 
country in the world with geographical area of 2,780,400
Capital: Buenos Aires
Population: 41,281,650

Interesting front with CN15 label and RTS cancellation.

Sent out on 27/09/2006 and returned back on 28/10/2007
Travel distance between Singapore - Buones Aires : 15,884 km

America (Central)


Belize is a country located on the north-eastern coast of 
Central America. It is the only country in the area where English 
is the official language.Its land size is about 22,960
Capital: Belmopan
Population: 312,698

Travel distance between Singapore and Belmopan : 17,450 km.

America (South)


Brazil is located in South America and is the world's fifth
 largest country, with geographical area of 8,515,767
Capital: Brazilia
Population: 193,946,886

Front cover with an interesting Remittance cancellation.

Sent out on: 14/07/2006, arrived at Cornelio Procopio on 27/07/2007
Sent back on 30/08/2006 and arrived back on: 10/09/2006.
Nice CN15 cancellation at the back.
Travelling distance between Singapore - Cornelio Procopio: 15,731 km.

America (North)


Canada is located in the northern part of the American continent, and
 is the world's second-largest country with total area of 9,984,670 sq km.
Capital: Ottawa
Population: 3,3476,700

Interesting CN13 cancellation together with Canadian Post RTS chop
dated : 8/01/2007

Arrived and processed at Vancouver on 14/12/2006
Return back to Singapore on : 23/01/2007
Travel distance between Singapore - Ontario: 14,830 km

America (South)


Chile is a Southern American country occupying a long, narrow strip of 
land between the Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Chile territory includes 
few small Pacific islands, which made up a total area of 756,096
Capital:  Santiago
Population: 17,402,630

Travel distance between from Singapore to Santiago: 16,400 km.

America (South)


Colombia is located in South America, with a 
total area of 1,141,748
Capital: Bogota
Population: 43,888,592

Travel distance from Singapore to Bogota: 19,314 km.

America (Central)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, is a country in Central America with 
total area of 51,100
Capital: San Jose
Population: 4,586,353

Travelling distance between Singapore and San Jose : 18,494 km.



Cuba, is an island country in the Caribbean. It consist of main island 
with several archipelagos with a total area of 109,884
Capital: Havana
Population: 11,163,934

Travelling distance between Singapore and Havana: 17,221 km.

America (Caribbean)

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, is a nation on an island of Hispaniola,
part of the Greater Hispaniola archipelago in the Caribbean region
with an average area of 48,445
Capital: Santo Domingo
Population: 10,060,000

This letter ended up a the Republic Dominican instead of 
the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Interesting cancellations from both countries can be seen on the back of this cover.
Sent out from Singapore: 30/9/2006,  Arrived at Santo Domingo: 16/10/2006 
with few processed date, and re-direct to Roseau on: 15/11/2006.  
Received back at Singapore:  18/02/2007.
Travelling distance from Singapore to Santo Domingo: 17,190 km.


Republic of Ecuador

Ecuador Republic is a democratic republic in South America, has an 
area of 258,238, includes the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific. 
Capital: Quito
Population: 15,223,680


Travelling distance from Singapore to Quito: 19,744 km.

America (South)

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are an archipelago located in the South Atlantic 
Ocean on the Patagonian Shelf. The archipelago which has an area
 of 12,173, comprises East Falkland, West Falkland and few 
hundred smaller islands. It is one of the British Overseas Territory.
Capital: Stanley
Population: 2,932


America (South)



America (North)


Mexico is a federal republic country situated in 
North America, with a total area of 1,972,550
Capital: Mexico City
Population: 117,439,803

The pointing hand with Spanish word "VUELVASE" means "Let Him Return",
and "DEVUELTO" means "Return".

Posted from Singapore 23/10/2006, some faint mark at the back
 is illegible but the letter is shown to have arrived at Mexico City
 on 08/11/2006, and returned back on 27/01/2007.
Travel distance from Singapore to Mexico City:  16,622 km.

America (Central)


Panama, is a country situated on the isthmus connecting North
 and South America, with a total area of 75,157
Capital: Panama City
Population: 3,661,868

Interesting C15 cancellation with pointing hand.

Sent out from Singapore on: 19/10/2006, the faint mark indicate that it
 reached Panama City probably on 16/11/2006, and reprocessed on
23/11/2006.  Returned back on 27/01/2007.
Travel distance between Singapore and Panama: 18,811 km.